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Welcome to Renata Renovations LLC! We are a trusted renovation and remodeling company helping homeowners revamp their interior and exterior spaces. We are located in Greensboro, North Carolina, and offer our home contractor services in the nearby area.

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Our Home Renovation and Remodeling Services

At Renata Renovations LLC, we are proud to offer the following services to residents near Greensboro, North Carolina:

  • - Kitchen Remodel
  • - Bathroom Remodel
  • - Window Installation

Why Choose Our Home Contractor Services in North Carolina?


When you choose Renata Renovations LLC as your home renovation and remodeling contractor in Greensboro, you can expect:

  • Complete Transparency: Renata Renovations LLC pledges total openness on all aspects including bidding, communications, and scheduling.
  • Effective Project Management: Their professional team ensures all projects are delivered on time and within budget, thanks to their highly efficient management practices.

  • Quality Workmanship: The company is known for excellent craftsmanship that guarantees durable and aesthetically pleasing results.

  • Community Engagement: Renata Renovations LLC is integrated into the community, participating in local school programs and projects.

  • High-Value Focus: The company aims to attract quality projects focusing on substantial, high-priced multi-room renovations.

  • Referral-Driven: A large part of their business comes from word-of-mouth and customer referrals, highlighting their positive customer relationships.

  • Customization: Each service is tailored to the unique tastes and needs of the client, ensuring personalized results every time.

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Meet Our Team

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Gary Schoeppner

General Contractor


Gary Schoeppner

Window & Door Project Manager


Brian Schoeppner

Logistics Coordinator

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David Lee

Project Manager


James Jones

Project Manager


Martin Walden


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Patrick McLean



Cydni McLean

Administrative Assistant / Bookkeeper

What our customers are saying

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They were polite, respectful, friendly; and the truth is now that the project is complete, we miss seeing them

"Gary and his team are wonderful!! From Gary’s detailed quote, to always knowing what to expect and when, to making sure everything was completed, they went the extra mile. They offered great suggestions. As a result, our new kitchen is not only beautiful but super functional as well. We cannot say enough about the various people who specialized in their part of the project. They were polite, respectful, friendly; and the truth is now that the project is complete, we miss seeing them. Great work by people who became trusted friends!!"

- Shirl F.

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Gary and his team are a first class operation!

"Gary and his team are a first class operation! Our bathroom remodel is amazing and so glad we decided to use their services. A special thank you to James( project manager). He was very responsive and communicated very well. He definitely went above and beyond what was expected. Do not hesitate working with this company!"

-Matthew J.

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The quality of work was top notch

"My wife and I had a total kitchen remodel. We had Renata Renovation remove everything down to the studs, open 2 walls, and install a new back door. My concerns and questions were answered right away. The quality of work was top notch. I will give a shout out to Gary and his team and one project manager Dave Lee for an outstanding job. I would highly recommend Renata Renovation."

-John L.

Some of Our Work

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  • Rustic_Shower-copy.jpg
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  • image_123650291-copy.jpg
  • image_123650291 (1)-copy.jpg
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  • Elam kitchen 1-copy.jpg
  • Elam kitchen 2-copy.jpg
  • Burl_Kitchen-copy.jpg
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