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Step into a private sanctuary crafted uniquely for you with Renata Renovations LLC, based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Our bathroom remodeling service transforms any ordinary bathroom into a luxurious personal retreat that echoes your style and meets functionality standards.

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Elegant Design and Layout

Our bathroom remodel journey starts with your vision. Whether it's a luxurious spa-inspired setting or a minimalist design, we reconfigure your bathroom layout with creativity and precision to reflect your lifestyle and needs.

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Revamping Fixtures and Finishes

From blinged-out vanity updates to sleek modern fixtures, we offer a host of options to elevate your bathroom's look. Additionally, a range of finishes from tiles to paint are available to craft the perfect ambiance for relaxation.

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Sophisticated Lighting Solutions

We believe that the right lighting can completely transform your bathroom experience. From soft ambient lighting for relaxing baths to bright, functional lights for daily routines, we incorporate lighting solutions that bring comfort and functionality harmoniously together.

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Transform Your Bathroom with Our Expert Remodeling Services

At Renata Renovations, we specialize in full bathroom remodeling and renovation services in Greensboro, North Carolina. Our team of experienced bathroom remodel contractors is dedicated to transforming your bathroom into a personal oasis.

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Luxurious Jacuzzi and Claw Foot Tubs

Indulge in luxury with our range of jacuzzi and claw foot tubs. Our bathroom renovation experts will help you choose the perfect tub that not only complements your space but also provides a spa-like experience right in your home.

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Modern Walk-In Tile Showers

Elevate your daily routine with our custom-designed walk-in tile showers. As part of our bathroom remodeling service, we offer a variety of styles and finishes to create a shower space that is both functional and visually stunning.

Elegant Flooring and Wall Treatments

A full bathroom remodel is incomplete without new flooring and wall treatments. Whether you prefer the classic look of tile or the modern appeal of hardwood, our bathroom remodel service includes a range of options. Complement your flooring with our selection of paint colors and modern wallpapers to give your bathroom a fresh and updated look.

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Cutting-Edge Faucets and Shower Heads

At Renata Renovations, our bathroom remodel contractors understand that details matter. We provide an array of high-quality faucets and shower heads that not only look great but also offer superior functionality.

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Lighting That Sets the Mood

Lighting plays a crucial role in any bathroom renovation. Our team will guide you in selecting the perfect lighting fixtures that not only illuminate your bathroom but also enhance its overall ambiance.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

At Renata Renovations, we focus on delivering not just visually pleasing areas but also spaces that offer durability and sustainability. High-quality workmanship and complete customer satisfaction drive our commitment to creating the bathroom you've always desired.

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What our customers are saying

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Our bathroom remodel is amazing...Do not hesitate working with this company!

Gary and his team are a first class operation! Our bathroom remodel is amazing and so glad we decided to use their services. A special thank you to James( project manager). He was very responsive and communicated very well. He definitely went above and beyond what was expected. Do not hesitate working with this company!

- Matthew J.

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Their work was clean, and they played close attention to detail

"We renovated three bathrooms...Gary and his team were able to very successfully guide us with the design while paying close attention to our wishes...Their work was clean, and they played close attention to detail, which we really appreciated. We made changes along the way, but we were met with grace and patience. In the end we received three beautiful bathrooms that we absolutely love. We feel we have found a renovation team that we enjoyed working with and would look forward to working with again."

-David S.

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They were communicative and responsive. They stayed within budget and timeline!!!

"Renata Renovations did an outstanding job on our 1. bathroom renovation (converting a shower/tub combo to a walk-in shower) 2. building a full guest bathroom from the ground up and 3. creating an in-laws suite for us. They were communicative and responsive. They stayed within budget and timeline!!! And they helped us to save money on materials. (They were also neat and clean and helped to keep the work area separated from the rest of the home). Their bid on the job had the greatest value too!"

-Khari G.

Some of Our Work

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